AeroPilates 435  thumbnail

AeroPilates 435

The AeroPilates 435 features the Cardio Rebounder, a vertical trampoline to provide a great cardiovascular workout without putting pressure on your joints, while also allowing you to perform traditional Pilates exercises to help strengthen muscles, improve posture, flexibility and balance.

AeroPilates JP 4295 thumbnail

AeroPilates JP 4295

This elevated AeroPilates JP 4295 offers 3 levels of resistance.
AeroPilates Performer 4272 thumbnail

AeroPilates Performer 4272

The AeroPilates 4272 is a good entry model for anyone wishing to try reformer pilates for the first time.
AeroPilates Pro X556 thumbnail

AeroPilates Pro X556

The elevated AeroPilates Pro 5556 is the ultimate AeroPilates machine.
AeroPilates Reformer 4640 thumbnail

AeroPilates Reformer 4640

Includes New Pull Up Bar and Cardio Rebounder for a low impact cardio workout.
AeroPilates Upper Body Pull Up Bar thumbnail

AeroPilates Upper Body Pull Up Bar

Get more out of your Pilates Machine with this upper body pull up bar.
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