Ab Core Trainer thumbnail

Ab Core Trainer

The Bodi-Tek Ab Core Trainer provides a targeted workout for enhancing abdominal muscles
Ab Core Trainer II thumbnail

Ab Core Trainer II

60% more power to effectively tone, firm and shape your abs and stomach area than the original Ab Core Trainer.
Ab Core Trainer Pro thumbnail

Ab Core Trainer Pro

Ab Core Trainer Pro has two pad designs, one for targeting the Abdominal muscles, and the other for building the Pecs or, for women, breast and bottom lifting and toning. This Pro unit is USB rechargeable and offers 60% more performance than the Ab Core Trainer.
Ab Toning, Exercising & Firming Belt thumbnail

Ab Toning, Exercising & Firming Belt

Tighter, more toned abdominal muscles & a flatter, firmer stomach.
Bodi-Tek Abs and Oblique Trainer Pro  thumbnail

Abs and Oblique Trainer Pro

Tones, firms and strengthens
Bodi-Tek Arm & Body Toner thumbnail

Arm & Body Toner

Total body targeted precision toning
QI Muscle Toner & Massager thumbnail

QI Muscle Toner & Massager

Having a quick toning session or massage couldn’t be easier, simply plugs into any phone or USB outlet.
Bodi-Tek Smart Fitness Toning Belt thumbnail

Smart Fitness Toning Belt

Smart Fitness Toning Belt is your personal body toner.
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