Pilates Tension Cord thumbnail

Black Tension Cord

Black tension cord for use on the AeroPilates reformer.
Bungee Cord for Cardio Rebounder  thumbnail

Bungee Cord for Cardio Rebounder

Bungee Cord for Cardio Rebounder
FLUFFY Hand Grip - Part No. 18 thumbnail

FLUFFY Hand Grip (Pair)

Pair of replacement fluffy hand grips.
FOAM Hand Grip x2  - Part No. 21 thumbnail

FOAM Hand Grip x 2 - Part No. 21

FOAM Hand Grip x1 - Part No. 21
Hand Strap  thumbnail

Hand Strap (Pair)

A single loop hand strap X 2
Locking Pin for AeroPilates  thumbnail

Locking Pin for AeroPilates

Locking Pin for AeroPilates
Pilates Rollers X4 thumbnail

Pilates Rollers X4

Pilates Rollers X4.
Pilates Workout Chart thumbnail

Pilates Workout Chart

Work out chart - £10.00
Pilates Workout Chart
Pilates Yellow Tension Cord thumbnail

Pilates Yellow Tension Cord


This cord is 40% lighter than the standard cord and when doing many of the exercises, it can be harder with less resistance.

Rope (X1) thumbnail

Rope (X1)

1 X Rope for pilates hand straps
Single Red Power Cord thumbnail

Single Red Power Cord

Single Red Power Cord.
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